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During my career in the construction industry, I have found that there is one requirement from customers that is almost always overlooked; The need for co-operation.

Clients in today’s markets are looking for more than a speedy completion of works. There has to be extra incentives to the customer and the local community. This country now demands that we all work together to provide more cost effective solutions to today’s problems.

Colin Smith - 1call Building Solutions
Building Project Management

Building Project Management

1call Building Solutions Ltd is a company based on the idea of exceeding the customer’s expectations. We believe in offering more than a cost-effective, efficient solution to a client’s specification. We believe in being one of the companies lighting the way forward in this country’s darkened hour.Through supporting local projects with our clients and offering real solutions to unemployment via free training schemes for our work force, we are building a company that consistently scores head and shoulders above our competition in terms of performance and reliability.
We care not only about your project upon its completion, but also about it’s future. By developing a local workforce and by funding community projects we aim to satisfy the future needs of your project and it’s locale. By looking forwards we can help to ensure that your development will return maximum revenues year in, year out, and by doing this we are contributing to a brighter future for us all.
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